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Why is offering our students co-curicula and extra-curricula experiences not enough? And a brilliant idea all the way from Scotland

Simon Riley and Gavin McCabe from the University of Edinburgh have developed what is in effect a blank canvas course that can be populated with individual or group projects based around virtually any topic. They have developed a flexible reflective experiential learning and assessment framework using an e-portfolio for awarding credit. They have been kind enough to share the details of their course with the team at the Future Ready Grads project. Simon and Gavin call these courses SLICCs (Student-Led, Individually Created Courses) and they are pure genius.

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Community of Interest in Employability

Yesterday I joined a group of academics and listened to senior staff from Auckland Council, XERO, KiwiRail and MYOB talk about the characteristics they seek in graduates. It was fascinating. They illustrated how important it is for us to develop our students’ abilities to learn and learn fast, to be adaptable, communicative, culturally aware and collaborative.

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employABILITY for students

Australian Office for Learning and Teaching Senior National Teaching Fellow Dawn Bennett has developed a self-assessment tool with which students can create a personalised employABILITY profile. This forms part of a brand new Student...

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