The Four Es of Employability

This framework captures the archetypal dimensions of teaching for transformational change and the development of transferable capabilities.  

Quick summary

Developing employability capabilities of students requires transformational practices that move beyond teaching students to ‘know more’ to helping students to ‘become more’. The 4Es of Employability framework aims to develop understanding of transformational teaching practices that others can replicate. 


Do you practice the 4Es?

Check out the image below as a quick way of assessing your practice. If you would like to know more please explore this site or get in touch.


Enthuse your learners.

Students will learn if they are motivated by the prospect of a course, find learning relevant, and feel they will be successful.


Have your learners explore new ideas.

Students are more likely to learn if they are given opportunities to holistically and thoroughly explore new ideas in terms of their current understanding.



Challenge learners’ thinking.

Students will develop a deep understanding and be better prepared for transfer if they have opportunities to test, use and challenge new ideas in multiple contrasting, relevant and meaningful contexts


Ask students to show the world what they can do.

Students will gain most from assessment that involves building authentic artifacts in realistic conditions.